About Eve Organics

The story of Eve Organics began with a strong family tradition of sourcing local products and making homemade lotions. We’ve maintained the tradition of sourcing local products by partnering with local producers to bring you the finest in quality. Furthermore, we operate our own facilities and maintain the highest quality standards.

Many years of family tradition were passed on to Mama Evelyn by her late grandmother. Eve Organics was created by Mama Evelyn’s desire to share the family tradition of natural beauty tips with the world and serve local communities. We empower communities of women in various regions in Ghana by providing them with employment, paying above market wages and adhering to global fair trade standards. By purchasing our products, you are directly contributing to the economic progress of various communities in Ghana. 

We are environmentally friendly company, our organic farming and preparation method avoids chemicals and offers all natural products using sustainable farming developed over generations.

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